Welcome! Brand new NatureTrackers, and those who haven't signed up to the new system in 2021, you'll first need to sign up to access this system and the versatile, crowd-funded booking map that coordinates everyone's surveys..

Also, especially if you are starting afresh, please make sure you know what's involved, via the the 'Take Part' page. How do I choose my survey square? What's actually involved here? How long will it take - can I manage two in a day?

But once that's done - jump right in and explore! Which square will you choose?


If you would like please watch a tutorial on how to use the app version.
Early in 2022 the cell booking functionality will not be available in the app. To book cells please use the website instead.

The main controls are in the vertical blue bar to the right of the map. As you decide on your square, experiment with the Manage Layers option (top right) - when zoomed in, try ticking and un-ticking boxes, and slide the sliders. It's fun, and also important - you'll be able to see the coordinates, topography and land tenure of your square. Do you need permission to travel to or access the land? Is all your team safe and comfortable travelling over the terrain?

Questions? Go to the Help (question mark logo) in the right hand bar. A common fix can be to reset your map, by refreshing the web page (by e.g. clicking the “refresh” or “reload” arrow button at the top of your browser window).

To print the map, you can use your computer’s ‘print screen’ function. Here’s how for Windows and Mac .

Not finding what you need? Please contact us on (Let us know your device and browser - e.g. MacBook Air and Safari, or Android tablet and Chrome). This will help us help everyone, by picking up any issues or sources of confusion as fast as possible!